An Historic Homestead Farm In Central New Hampshire



Online sales of Virginia's first published writings, full photo quality images, high gloss paperback are now available. Along with insightful ways to endure a New England winter, run an 1800's homestead farm, and cook amazing meals in an open-hearth fireplace...
Readers will find out what it takes to provide not just "Farm-to-Table"...

But "Seed to Sweet Reward".

This work is self-published at this time. If you are affiliated with a Publishing Co. please consider contacting the author.

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Homestead Farming

How The Farm At Frost Corner came to be, grew into what it is, and continues to nourish an extended family. Many lessons learned along the way, and many experiences that only first hand witnessing could bring.

Historic Recipes

Learn some of the very first recipes brought to America and provided at almost every New England table from nearly 200 years ago. As a teacher of open-hearth cooking, Virginia provides her own insights, stories, skills and substitutions which makes for easy and flavorful meals.

Family Farm Life

The lifestyle portions of these writings will introduce the readers to traditions. Traditions used in raising a family, caring for animals, and carrying respect for the "old ways". Which means bringing an honest, respectful, fun-filled, and humbling tone to every aspect of living.

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Made of quality card stock, these collections make great additions to the kitchen, or a gift set.
All 50 recipes in the book (An Humble Path by Virginia Taylor) are available, categorized into these 5 sets of 10 delicious ideas straight from the farm, to your own home. Along with each 4 x 6 inch recipe card is a complete list of ingredients required, and instructions on preparation and serving with plenty of tips, and historic perspective on how food has always been a key to every household...
then and now.

  •       Scotch Eggs
  •       Stuffed Eggs
  •       Hot Cross Buns
  •       Brown Bread
  •       Asparagus Soup
  •       Honey Butter
  •       Buttermilk Pound Cake
  •       Maple Cottage Pudding
  •       Vanilla Ice Cream
  •       Sunshine Sponge

  •       Yellow Tomato Conserve
  •       Tomato Marmalade
  •       Dilled Green Tomatoes
  •       Mayonnaise
  •       Yellow Mustard
  •       Dijon Mustard
  •       Cucumber Ketchup
  •       Cranberry Ketchup
  •       Watermelon Rind
  •       Shrub

  •       Tomato Fritters
  •       Carrot Pudding
  •       Fresh Tomato Soup
  •       Rhubarb Dumplings
  •       Herb Biscuits
  •       Parsley Butter
  •       Onion Pie
  •       Caramel Corn
  •       Biscuits
  •       Ox Tail Soup

  •       Hearth Bread
  •       Pumpkin Soup
  •       Baked Celery
  •       Marlborough Pie
  •       Scented Leaf Rolls
  •       Herb Dumplings
  •       Ham Croquettes
  •       Raisin Sauce
  •       Gingerbread
  •       Baked Apples

  •       Molasses Pumpkin Pie
  •       Potato Bannock
  •       Fried Cornmeal Mush
  •       Pickled Tongue
  •       Gram's Christmas Cake
  •       Eggnog
  •       Cocoons
  •       Macaroon Tarts
  •       Meringue Mint Cookies
  •       Short Bread

Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Geese, Sheep, Goats, and Cows... They all have a place at The Farm at Frost Corner.
These are the lifeblood of this farm, they all have their own roles, they all have their own place in the family.
So naturally, they all have their own names, learn about the personality of each animal with photos and stories.

The Main Barn

Cows, Goats, Pigs & Sheep all cozy

White as Snow

Almost white as snow, our little flock

Joe & Nancy

We're all happier than a pig in ... mud

Our Flock Of Geese

Not enough to be a "gaggle".

Mrs. O'Brian

4th of July in New England


One of the many babies at the farm

Baby Chicks

peep... peep-peep... peep


Welsh Corgi / Farm Manager

- Author Unkown

Inspired by a love of her life, this book brings the reader into the lifestyle and inner workings of The Farm At Frost Corner through the eyes and heart of it's proprietor, caregiver, owner/operator, author, and mother to the entire farm, Virginia Taylor.

These are Virginia's first solo writings, sure to find the "Thoreau" in each of us. She describes in a wonderfully light way, the trial and rewards of running a farm, raising animals and children alike, and she's open enough to share that life with the readers of this book.

Please Enjoy

This work is self-published at this time.
If you are affiliated with a Publishing Co.
please consider contacting the author here.